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To be girlish, sweet, I believe you can not miss this style of shirt---baby doll shirts, wear it on you would be the star in the crowd.

A piece of sweet dot baby doll shirts goes with jeans, cute and casual, high waistline chiffon baby-doll shirts, highlight the bust line successfully, make the whole perfectly, have you tried the mix-match, a seventh sleeve knitted tee, lined with a floral print draped baby-doll shirts, very slim structure. You can try wear the baby-doll shirt as a dress in summer days, color geometry, lovely, bright and beautiful, wear a piece of outfit out, will add a sense of quiet and elegant.

You can find the cotton baby-doll shirt, chiffon baby-doll shirts, print baby doll shirts and cotton linen baby doll shirt. About the color option, the right color could add a pop for you, if you are thin, the white and yellow is fitted for you, a little fat, do not worry, you can choose the black, brown color, which could modify your shape, skin is not white enough, the purple, beige color are not fitted for you.