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The pleated skirt is originally from the minority, is featured as the regular pleats and the short style, later the palace garments apply it on their clothes, and make it longer that the originally one, which could make smooth and graceful, the fashion is eternal and transfer as a circle.

Still want to go back the campus life, the pleated skirt on reveals the campus wind, simple and elegant, the short wool pleated skirts is favored by most of the girls, and goes to any style, the high waist A-style pleated skirt, express your shape clearly, a simple tee or a style of cardigan could reach better efforts. You can also try the mini pleated lining with the yarn fabric, the classic style of all. This year the long dress is popular too, a solid color pleated or a piece of floral print pleated skirt, fresh and nature, why not choose a piece of pleated skirt from, we have got what you wanted.