FashionTheBox Wedges

Maybe you have never got touched with the high heels before, you are willing to wear the high heels, and can not bear the high heel’s height and uncomfortable, then the sandals are the best choice for you.

For the first learner to wear high heels, you can choose the mid high heels, about 4~5cm in height, gradually you can try the high heel wedges, and then the high heels, followed steps by steps.

You can find the wedge sandals, the wedge slippers; the wedge shoes for different season, also have the leather wedges, PU wedges, cloth material wedge. No one like the boring and dull color wedges, you can the fashion royal wedges, rose carmine wedges, leopard wedges, the dots wedges and latest trend color. The wedge section is your online shopping for wedge shoes destination.